Fullmer Facts

As part of our ICU rotation, residents choose one topic they are passionate about to present to our talented ER nurses and techs. Please check out our shared learning presentations below, and check back monthly for new topics.


July 2021

Monkey Pox

Dr. Kevin Tom

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Double Down with SK.mp3

March 2020

Ventricular Storm: Double Down Method

Dr. Spencer Kerl

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Vaccine Chat with Kwang.mp3

December 2020

COVID - 19 Vaccine

Dr. Rodney Fullmer APD

Oct - Penetrating Trauma.pdf

October 2020

Penetrating Trauma

Justin Pile

Pediatric Fever.pdf

September 2020

Pediatric Fever

Vanc txa haldol.docx

August 2020

Less Familiar ED Medicines


July 2020

End Tidal CO2 Monitoring

Ryan Gibbons

Pediatric Trauma Fullmer Facts.docx

June 2020

Pediatric Trauma

Pregnancy in the ED.pdf

May 2020

Pregnancy In The ED


April 2020



March 2020


Nick Kulas

DVT - PE DC or Admit.pdf

February 2020

DVT and PE - Admit or Discharge

E-cigarettes .docx

October 2019


Ryan Gibbons

tPA in Ischemic Stroke (2).docx

April 2019


Sam Margaritis