Visiting Elective

Applications for both EM audition rotations for the 2022-2023 academic year are now open. You can apply on VSLO via or fill out an application at Swedish Medical Education website under auditions link for emergency medicine.

Welcome to your Emergency Medicine rotation at Swedish Hospital! We are looking forward to you joining us over the next four weeks. We hope to provide you with a high yield clinical experience in the exciting field of emergency medicine.

Clinical Shifts

Please review and follow your schedule of shifts that is provided to you by the administrative staff. You will have a mix of day, evening and overnight shifts which are assigned for the block. Please contact well in advance of your shifts if you have any anticipated absences. If there are any last minute emergencies - please call and notify the ED of your absence (773) 898-8200 ext 3800. Following this, contact the Medical Education department for further guidance on making up the shift.

You will be working with an attending physician and a resident physician during your shift. Please arrive a few minutes early to every shift! This will allow you time to settle in and introduce yourself to the members of the team. Use this time to inquire about your expectations for the shift.

Be sure to seek out procedures from nurses, technicians, mid-level providers, and residents. Remember - emergency medicine is a team sport, so always treat everyone in the department with respect; and in-turn, they will be happy to assist you with anything you need to enhance your educational experience.

Didactic days:

Resident didactics are held on Wednesday mornings from 08:00-12:00 (occasionally this time may vary, but you will have advanced notice). Attendance is required for all students rotating in the department. You will be excused if you are working the Tuesday overnight shift.

Small group didactics are held every Thursday from 13:30-14:30. Attendance is encouraged at these sessions, but you are not to leave a shift in the department to attend.


If you are applying for a residency position in Emergency Medicine and require a SLOE/Letter of Recommendation (LOR), please notify Medical Education well in advance of your rotation.

In addition to the requirements listed above, students who require a SLOE/LOR, will also need to complete the following:

At least 5 shift evaluations (please see form below) which can be provided by the medical education department. These may only be completed by an attending physician or senior emergency medicine resident (3rd or 4th year resident). Please print an evaluation form out and provide it to the attending or senior resident at the end of your shift. They will place your evaluation in a secure mailbox to be reviewed by the Program Director and Core Faculty when preparing your SLOE.

At the beginning of your rotation - please contact Dr. Fullmer or Dr. Bhambri to schedule a presentation time. This will be a 10-15 minute presentation during resident didactics on a Wednesday morning. You are to present an “interesting case”. You may access the evaluation form used for grading of the presentation below or via the medical education department.

In order to obtain a SLOE/LOR you must complete the above requirements.

Medical Student Evaluation Forms