A MEssage From Our ChiEfs

As the chief residents for the 2021-2022 academic year, it is our pleasure to welcome you to

the Swedish Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency family. We take immense pride in being

part of this program and are excited to help lead you through these formative years. While we

are training during unprecedented times, we feel lucky to be a part of a unified team that has

risen to the challenge of serving our community with grace, compassion and humility.

As your chiefs, we are dedicated to your education and wellness. While you make the most of

your training at our program that offers academics in a diverse community setting preparing

you to work in any environment, we will be here to support you and guide you. It will be an

absolute privilege to work with you in our roles as chief residents and we look forward to it.


Justin Pile DO & Nick Kulas DO

Chief Residents 2021-2022

Emergency Medicine

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