Class of 2024

Agnieszka Bar, DO

(She, Her, Hers)

Hometown - Rzeszow, Poland

Interests: Rock climbing, reading dystopian novels, backpacking, making pasta from scratch, eating ramen

EM Interests: Wilderness medicine, ultrasound

Mitch D'Aloia, DO

(He, Him, His)

Chief Resident (Business)

Hometown - Dayton, OH

Interests: Professional fan of tennis (but a novice player), sampling beer at breweries, Purdue Boilermakers, music, and all kinds of food

EM Interests: Social determinants of health, critical care, and #FOAMed

Conor Farley, DO

(He, Him, His)

Chief Resident (Education)

Hometown - Cincinnati, OH

Interests: Jiu Jitsu, playing guitar, and neglecting my houseplant, 'Oprah'

EM Interests: Critical Care

Marina Karamanis, DO

(She, Her, Hers)

Hometown - Barrington, IL

Interests: Golfing, playing video games (esp. Zelda), binge watching entire seasons of tv shows, eating in Chinatown

EM Interests: Ultrasound, Toxicology

Spencer SuppEs, DO

(He, Him, His)

Hometown - Barrington, IL

Interests: Riding my motorcycle, cycling, snowboarding, Chicago sports, trying new bars/restaurants in the city, and traveling

EM Interests: Critical Care, Trauma